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There we discussed everything from the Pre-Raphaelites to our mutual love of libraries. In the end, I opted for an approach that was neither too hot nor too cold.

Of course, we would all like to safely reveal our inner-selves to prospective partners, to find if that elusive spark truly exists.

The truth is somewhat more mundane: I am merely another thirty-something office-worker toiling in the City.

Still, I am happy in my life; I have a great career and am fortunate enough to be surrounded by lots of friends and family.

As we dined, my date asked me sunny questions about my life, to which I offered only short cryptic answers.Should I be plain old office-worker me, or should I be some kind of Byron-esque renegade, who just so happens to be slumming it in a desk-job?Do I wish to appear hazily laconic or zealous and engaging? Therefore in an attempt to find out more, I explored the options: 1.By the time you get to the good stuff, your interviewer has zoned out and is thinking about lunch. It’s important to prepare a brief summary of the high points of each of your past positions.It is likely that you will be asked about your accomplishments and day-to-day responsibilities in previous roles.

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    Healthy things like “compromise” are now frowned upon by women’s advice-givers.

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    "I liked him immediately, and I told him what I was doing straight away - because if he wanted children then he needed to know I wasn't the woman for him," she says.

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    They're also more likely to go to an expensive restaurant on a first date. "But I know from studying personality that testosterone is linked with visual and spatial acuity.

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